Who are we

Few words about our company

Our company has been working since 2006, the main activity since 2010, is investing in projects of e-commerce, IT development and project management, in the interests of corporate clients and private investors. Involvement of investments for startups related to software development. Structuring the business to increase the investment attractiveness of new and existing projects.

  • We are a modern company
  • We are ready for continuous interaction
  • We are always focused on results

Why us

We appreciate the time

We understand that in present competitive world time is a valuable resource.


We have specialists

The availability of financial resources and a good idea is not enough to achieve results.


We reach the result

The implementer and customer usually have different interests.We focus on the result.


Our team


He always helps with advice and kind and not very kind word. It depends on what is broken or not done.
He is the chief engineer. He always knows everything.


If you want not to, but you will fulfill all the requirements...
The sensitive guidance in our time is simply necessary.


What should be, how it should work and why. And on what all this is needed.
He is an analyst. He will provide of everyone with work.


She has big eyes and many other qualities, and she easily indicates that is missing or not working.
Anastasia is a great tester.

Our plans

Open new development centers

The current plan of the company is to increase the number of developers to meet the current needs of customers.

Expand the range of services and technologies used

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